About this site

With all my wide-ranging interests, even this early in my portfolio site-building fun,  I’ve suddenly started to worry about how my projects are presented. What if you want to be able to just view, say, my photography? Shouldn’t I organize things into various categories so they’re easier to find?

Big but: My whole thing, the essence of how I think and and play and create, is about the cross-pollination, the interconnectivity, the deep-down everything-is-related-ness of one thing to another. That’s why, for example, I don’t just take a photograph; I see the colors in that picture as the start of a color palette, which could lead to a textile design, website refresh, hand-painted yarn, or branding concept. Or choosing new colors for bathroom towels, sewing a summer outfit, or organizing a compact travel wardrobe.

So, although you may want to see tidy categories, with my projects tidily sorted into them, I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. Too much of my work just isn’t one thing or another. Kind of like life.

Here’s my hope: when you’re looking at, say, my home page, you’ll immediately get a sense of what I’m about, even before digging into specific project details. I’m trying to convey, more than anything else, the way my mind works, not just how well I can photograph a flower or lay out a website page or business card.

P.S. If you really, really want to sort things for easier viewing, just click on a tag (e.g. Brand Identity) at the end of a post; all posts with that same tag will come up in a nice neat list.