Welcome to my studio!

Welcome to my studio! I’m Lindy. I write, design, and make stuff.

When I was a kid, already deep into trying just about any craft-y thing I could, I used to detest it when my parents’ friends would gush, “Oh, you’re so creative!” I somehow felt like that was not really a compliment— it felt more like they were saying, “Isn’t that cute, she made that herself.” A bit condescending, perhaps? Or maybe that was just my 8-year-old interpretation.

Anyway, fast forward, um, a lot of years, to maybe around 2012. Yes, it took me that long to finally realize the significance of being “creative” (picture me making air quotes): it’s about creating. Being a creator suddenly seems like the most powerful, and simultaneously most humbling, thing I can do.

Looking back over all this creative time, I can see that I’m still doing today what I at least attempted to do when I was little: not just create things, but create connections between things. This includes some intangibles; I remember vividly the moment when I realized how my math classes (which I loved) related to my piano practice (which I loathed at the time).

Among the tangibles I’m working on these days are hand-dying yarns and lingerie-making materials (combining my color palette development work with my knitting and sewing obsessions), and most recently, writing on Medium.

And here I am now, trying my best to collect my diverse project history into one single place called Lindy’s Portfolio. I doubt I will ever get it all posted, but it will be a delightful, and (I’m guessing) sometimes surprising stroll down the memory lane of my creative life. Thanks for joining me!