Brand Identity: Colormusing

Since Colormusing is my own brand, I’ve had to come up with my own “client brief” for ongoing brand identity work. To date, this includes:

  • this portfolio site
  • business cards
  • Colormusing website design
    • Note: I’m in the middle of changing the Colormusing site to its new format, more of the blog it started as originally; I’m planning to post a project here about that former version in the future, and there’s a screenshot of the home page below.
  • social media images (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • product photography
  • Hue News, my e-mail newsletter
    • This is also in a bit of a transition; I’ll update this with a link to sign up for Hue News.
  • writing style, applicable to product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, etc.
  • Images and writing for my private Patreon project, Color Stories

My general preference, style-wise, has always been for the clean and simple, with a modern typographic style, usually on a white background— the better to focus on color, my dear. However, “clean and simple” can end up looking a bit static, a little boring, to be honest. So, since I also love to create photo montages, I’ve always incorporated montage-style illustrations into my identity work. (I also use montages for clients, where appropriate, including The Harvest Wine Bar.)

Here are some examples, starting with my Colormusing website:

Colormusing home page
My Colormusing home page (top of page). The logo is fairly prominent, and I’m hoping that your very first glance at this page gives you an immediate sense of what my work is about: not just color, but also the connection between images and palettes and products. 
Colormusing Facebook page
My Colormusing page on Facebook. I coordinate social media cover images with the color story happening on the CM website, which changes every month or so.
Patreon page for my Color Stories project
The Patreon page for my Color Stories project. You can see I’ve used similar imagery as on the Colormusing website and Facebook page, but have also added the text element here. Note: My Patreon page is no longer active.
Hue News logo
Logo for Hue News, my e-mail newsletter.

I almost forgot my business cards! <blush>

Colormusing business cards
My Colormusing business cards. I have these printed at for 2 reasons: First, the paper quality is superb (I’m picky about this). Second, they allow you to upload up to 50 different designs to be used on the backs of your cards (one side has to stay the same); I chose to use 50 different color palettes for my card backs. (No disclosure needed— I’m not affiliated with in any way, other than as a customer.)

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