Brand Identity: The Harvest Wine Bar

This client, who took over this restaurant and changed its name, asked for something simple, down-to-earth, but modern, with a hint of humor. I created several “seasonal” versions of this primary color palette, for use in social media and on menus, which they print themselves.

The Harvest Wine Bar logo
The Harvest Wine Bar logo.


The Harvest Wine Bar business cards
Top: Front and back of primary business cards. Bottom: Alternate layout (blank back) for the chef.


The Harvest Wine Bar menu
The menu was set up so that the client could change text, print, and trim these when needed; this image shows both sides of the 11″ x 4.25″ menu.

They also requested that I train them to do as much of the future design and printing work themselves, so I’ve consulted with them on several occasions. I designed the menu and wine list, then showed the client how to open this in InDesign and add the text as their menus change. The gift certificate was also designed so that the client can print them as needed.

The Harvest gift certificate

I redesigned their website to make it easier and faster for them to make their own changes and updates (although, as of this writing in June 2018, I am still writing most of the copy for the site, as well as updating the page header graphics).

The Harvest Wine Bar home page (top)
Top of The Harvest Wine Bar home page. The home page header image is changed seasonally, as are social media header images like the Facebook page cover image (at bottom of this page).
The Harvest Wine Bar home page (complete)
The complete home page. The reviews rotate on the central beige slider panel.
Wine Tastings page
The Wine Tastings page. Note the continuing use of photo montages throughout this website; this is a specialty of mine.
The Harvest menu page
The Menus page. Clicking on any image starts a slideshow that expands so that photos are viewed at full size.
The Harvest wine list page
The wine list page. The client asked to link this page to the PDF wine list he had already prepared, and which he periodically updates.


And of course, I also created a similar graphic style to use in their social media, starting with their Facebook page:



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