Palette + Brand Identity: Colormusing

I just designed this Adobe Photoshop image template to showcase my project inspiration, and this is my very first image to test the template!

Rosy Glow palette bd-1

Design notes:

  • The grid is built according to the Golden Mean (one of my favorite things)
  • Since I use the colored circles in my Colormusing logo, I wanted to repeat that element somehow in this template; it’s also why I did the partial circle overlay on the lower half of the template (I like circles)
    • Note: I’m still in the process of transitioning the original Colormusing website from its previous format into something closer to a blog-style site, intended to complement this portfolio site. You’re certainly welcome to visit it now, just bear in mind it’s a work in progress, just like my portfolio!
  • My intention is to give not just sources of inspiration, but also some examples of how I applied the colors
  • For use in social media, I decided to format the image as a square, which also works well with the circular motif

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