Writing + Palettes: Color Stories

Color Stories on Patreon

Just recently, in an unprecedented fit of writing confidence, I started working on some fictional short-short stories. (My work to this point has been entirely non-fiction— articles, blogs, tutorials, etc.) Around the same time, I was wrestling with a new way to present my color palette development work so that viewers would be intrigued, entertained, maybe even… inspired. And during one champagne-fueled brainstorming party, what had been two separate worlds suddenly came together in my head, and emerged as Color Stories.

Do you know, I actually find it rather difficult to describe what Color Stories are. (The curse of the creator is having to talk about one’s own work, no?) They are, as mentioned, short-short fictional tales, in which characters, places, events, and even dialogue lead to the creation of color palettes; each story is accompanied by the palette it inspired, with my own photos and montages for more color bedazzlement. So many of my projects are hybrids, not easily categorized (is it writing? Is it design?), that I generally find it easier to just point you to it, and let you determine what it is— to you.

The goal? Well, outside of just getting some fiction under my writing belt, my primary hope is that my Color Stories will encourage us all to be more aware of the colors that surround us quite literally everywhere we go. Ironically, the fact that color is so ubiquitous is the very reason why we need to make a conscious effort to notice it! But I’m convinced that our daily lives will be the richer for the effort.

I’ve launched my Color Stories on Patreon*, where you’re welcome to browse and enjoy the free content, and maybe think about becoming a patron of this colorful little project. And there’s a Community tab where you can share your own color thoughts, inspirations, and ideas!

*November 2019 update: While I love Patreon’s concept,  they’ve made some changes to their platform that make it less than the ideal venue for my writing work; if you click the Patreon link above, it will take you to my profile, but my Color Stories are no longer available there for reading. I’m planning to add them to my Medium collection in the near future.

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