Website Design: Willamette Valley Wings

The brief for this website was, quite literally, simple: non-profit Willamette Valley Wings needed a site that would be easy to design and launch, easy to navigate, and above all, easy to maintain.

Willamette Valley Wings is a local chapter of a very large international parent organization, Women in Aviation, so that had to be taken into consideration (as with their logo design project); WVW needed a design concept that would be similar in look, feel, and content, for the sake of continuity. But the primary directive was that WVW members, who may or may not have much experience with website design and maintenance, would be confident that they could handle making changes in the future. (This eliminated any possibility of using custom HTML and/or CSS.)

WVW Home Page
WVW Home Page (top third or so). A major challenge was choosing typefaces that referenced the female members, but which would not be overwhelmingly feminine, since this group is open to all.

With that in mind, and working with the group’s secretary (full disclosure: she’s my daughter), I developed this simple site in Squarespace, with a fairly basic layout structure; I also developed the graphic concept, from the color palette (inspired by the colors of a sectional chart, aviation’s equivalent of a road map) to the playful paper airplane graphic elements. (I had suggested actual paper airplanes a while back for one of WVW’s events, and they decided to make these a signature of their group.) And the quotes on the main pages were also my idea.

WVW About page
About page: an example of the use of the paper airplane motif, and the quotation, to establish a consistent look throughout the site. (I was going for professional, but not corporate-serious.)
WVW Upcoming Events page
The heart and soul of WVW’s new website: the Events page! In the site footer, there’s an e-mail list sign-up, so interested people can be notified when events are added or modified.

Browse through the rest of the site— you might just be inspired to learn to fly! Chances are, there’s a local chapter near you. The parent organization’s list of chapters is here.

June 2020 update: Due to serious family issues requiring the founder of this group to move out of the area, this group has closed its doors. So I’ve removed links from this page.

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